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Latest Teaching News


The focus of Teaching Week 2018 is assessment. Engaging, accurate, fair and consistent assessment underpins good teaching and learning. We have many tools at our disposal to ensure assessment is student focused and practical not to mention utilising LEARN for assessment which can serve to reduce marking time when implemented well. Join us during Teaching Week 2018 to learn more.

Included in the week’s events are presentations from the 2017 Teaching Excellence award recipients, sessions on in-class engagement and designing quality assessment, using LEARN for assessment. Additionally, some of your colleagues will be demonstrating some of the innovative assessment methods they used in 2017.

The week will culminate with the presentation of the 2017 Teaching Excellence awards.

For full details of Teaching Week 2018 visit the Teaching page of this site.

Blended Learning Grants 2018

On another note, Blended Learning Grants are available again this year at Lincoln University. Up to 10 grants are available and applications close March 21. More information on what is available and how to apply is available under the Blended Learning tab above.

Upcoming Workshops

Come along to one of the Teaching Week 2018 session visit the Teaching page of this site for more details.

Teaching in a Blended Environment provides exciting opportunities and challenges for staff and students.  The goal of blending classroom and interactive learning technologies is to enhance learning outcomes.  To find out more contact a member of the Teaching Quality Team.

Blended Learning Grants 2018

Blended Learning Course Grants 2018

Blended Learning Grants are being made available at Lincoln University in 2018 to assist staff in migrating our face to face courses to industry leading blended courses that fully utilise LEARN. Lincoln University’s courses will go through a major renewal process which will see its academic staff partner with educational designers, technology specialists and content writers to develop and build a comprehensive Blended Learning experience.

Blended Learning Course Grants provide Faculty and Divisional academic staff with a stipend of up to $15,000 per course to advance their teaching methods and pedagogy for blended course design and development. There will be up to ten grants on offer for 2018.

Each grant will cover the following basic costs:

  • Content writers – creating teaching material for use in a blended course
  • Educational designers – design and organise a course and online content to be pedagogically sound and provide advice on how to best combine online content with face to face teaching
  • Academic staff time buy out – teaching/marking buy out to free up academics time to work on blended course content and attend the required training/workshops associated with the grants
  • Staff development – funds may also be used for attending endorsed external conferences or workshops focused on developing knowledge and skills around blended learning and teaching.

Want to get started?

To start the process please first get in touch with a Lincoln University Teaching Quality team member to discuss your idea for implementing Blended Learning into a course. Each application requires consultation with the Teaching Quality team prior to being considered for a grant.


Teaching Quality team members you can contact:

Maurice Ward (Maurice.Ward@lincoln.ac.nz)

Helen Gilmore (Helen.Gilmore@lincoln.ac.nz)

Cory Lin (Yingjie.Lin@lincoln.ac.nz)

Terry Meechang (Terry.Meechang@lincoln.ac.nz)

Victoria Rosin (Victoria.Rosin@lincoln.ac.nz)

Cindy Giddens (Cindy.Giddens@lincoln.ac.nz)

Sue Clemes (Susan.Clemes@lincoln.ac.nz)


Grant application forms will be made available from March 2 with applications closing March 21.


Teaching Tips

Introducing students to LEARN

Do you induct your students to LEARN? Consider the benefits of guiding them through your site and activities at the start of the semester and how it will streamline both their learning and your communication with students. The Teaching Quality team offers some tips and advice for introducing LEARN here.

Creating your profile on LEARN

Having a personalised profile in LEARN is a great way of showing you have a presence in the online learning environment. For students it makes it easier to identify ‘who is who’ and for academics it makes it easier for students to identify their lecturers. To learn how to create your profile in LEARN click here


Kahoot – interaction in class

Kahoot!, a favorite learning tool in primary and secondary schools in New Zealand, is also a terrific tool for university educators looking to add to their teaching toolkit to make learning awesome!

to learn more about Kahoot click here

    Google Earth – creating digital assignments

In 2014 the RECN341 Recreation & Tourism in Protected Natural Areas course  had groups of students complete an assignment that mapped the Spectrum of areas of Recreation Opportunity (ROS) over a 600sqkm part of New Zealand. This was all done in Google Earth… to read on click here